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Status Discussion
Categories Monitoring
Created by Jeremy Stretch
Created on May 15, 2023

Report on diff between rendered & actual device configuration

NetBox v3.5 introduced native configuration template rendering for devices. This plugin would be an extension of that functionality, automatically comparing the rendered configuration for a device to its actual configuration, retrieved from the device itself. When the two differ, a report showing the differences is created and stored for analysis.

Specific functionality to be included in this plugin is listed below:

  • Ability to designate which devices should be included via a tag or custom field

  • Integration w/NAPALM to facilitate the retrieval of live device configs (this may depend on the existing NAPALM plugin)

  • A means of running a recurring background task to check the config of each device

  • A view listing all config analyses and the status of each

  • An option to exclude lines matching a regex from diff reporting (e.g. NTP clock offsets)

  • A REST API endpoint to initiate and report on checks for individual devices

Use case

This plugin primarily serves to identify and report on differences between the intended and actual configurations for network devices, which is crucial to enabling successful network automation.

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  • Artem Kotik
    Jul 27, 2023

    please check out my plugin

    I am open to discussion and feedback

  • Andre Paris
    May 17, 2023

    This is definitely my most wanted plugin. Just curious if there might be ways to use other tools in addition NAPALM (Ansible, as an example) to expand device support.