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Status Discussion
Categories Device Onboarding
Created by Daniel Chiniquy
Created on May 16, 2023

Bulk creation of cables

Create multiple cables of the same type that all go from Device A to Device B. Selecting which ports/interfaces to use is done through a visual interface.


  • All cables created in the same operation will be of the same type (including Status, Tenant, Color and Length)

  • Should support quick selection of all odd/even ports on one device to facilitate cable creation between a 48 port switch and a neighboring 24 port patch panel

  • Should support selecting ports that are not directly sequential, for instance: Gi0/0/1, Gi0/0/5-Gi0/0/20, Gi0/0/24.

  • Cables will be created sequentially based on the name/number of the port, starting with the lowest.

Use case

This would reduce the amount of time and steps required to create multiple cables between two devices in Netbox, such as between a switch and a patch panel.

Open items

How to visualize the ports/interfaces of each device will need to be discussed. Having a unique view per Device Type seems excessive, so perhaps a standard view is best, with ports/interfaces sorted as normal.

Should the plugin support selecting the ports through a text interface?

Does cable creation based on the sequence of ports/interfaces make sense in cases with non-standard port names?

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  • Schylar Utley
    May 27, 2023

    Just this year, I have imported several thousand connections using excel to generate the csv to import into netbox. It takes maybe 5 minutes and several 144c PPs can be mapped correctly.

  • Guest
    May 16, 2023

    I use this custom script to connect multiple cables between patch panels etc.