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Categories Device Onboarding
Created by Guest
Created on May 31, 2023

IP space discovery and reconciliation

Discovery, reconciliation and validation of the network / subnets, to find all the unknown and forgotten devices on your network.

Use case

Brownfield discovery and migration from "unknown" network into a source of truth as netbox is challenging.

building the knowledge of your inventory, with knowledge about all the vendor/model and all its IPs assigned to the device is often manual and very timeconsuming.
create a plugin that scans the requested subnets, using ping, snmp, ++ to analyse the devices on the subnet.
the "box_scan" should build a staging_model of all the discovered vendor|model|linecards|++ and all its IPs assigned to the device, and then be able to "approve" the device to mastered by NBX. when the user "approve" the device it will be moved from the staging_model and into the netbox model.

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