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Created on Jun 11, 2023

Diagram capabilities

The ability to lay devices out on a canvas UI to define views that visualise certain subsets of the architecture.

One of my goals in gathering all my network-related data into a structured storage system is to be able to use it as an SSOT for automating all the things, such as monitoring configurations, and particularly diagrams and documentation that could be helpful when maintaining a large and complicated infrastructure as a Devops/SRE team.

For example, I picture being able to create diagrams that show aspects of the infrastructure from various perspectives, or 'views'. There would need to be a canvas-based UI (like say NodeRED or Draw.IO etc) that allows you to create/manage views and drag devices and other objects into them at certain positions. Netbox would just need to expose some extra API that allows the UI to persist some extra records that would associate the device/resources with the view(s) they've been added to, and the X, Y, Z co-ordinates and any other visual attributes/customisations that might be appropriate for each.

Based on that, people should then be able to create their own plugins and external tools that can use that data to generating diagrams on-the-fly in whatever formats they desire for use in documentation or monitoring systems etc.

Use case

Examples of views (diagrams) that could be created:

  • A view showing a switch and all the devices it is connected to.

  • A view showing how all the devices in a rack are connected.

  • Local/regional views, views showing per project resources etc.

any of the problem of automating the generation and maintenance of large, complex enterprise infrastructure diagrams for Infra/SRE teams.

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  • A N
    Jun 14, 2023

    Have you see this and this? Maybe they can be reworked to be more generic?