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Status Discussion
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 23, 2023

Request for Enhanced Software Upgrade Functionality in NetBox

Currently, the platform component in NetBox lacks practical capabilities for managing software upgrades, and I believe implementing a feature similar to Nautobot's Device Lifecycle would be great.

A user-friendly interface for initiating and tracking software upgrade tasks.
Notifications or alerts to inform users about available software updates for their devices.

Please consider.

Use case

The ability to define software versions and track them within NetBox.

Support for associating software versions with devices and managing their upgrade status.

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  • Nathan Reeves
    Jun 29, 2023

    Agree wholeheartedly with this. Looking currently internally at how we manage our upgrade cycles and associated reporting. Taking a look at the Nautobot DLM models at the moment to see how they could be re-used/ported as a base for an upgrade management plugin.