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Status Discussion
Created by Daniel
Created on Jun 28, 2023

Support Contract plugin

The plugin i want to see developed for NetBox is to manage "Contract" objects. These objects are meant to represent contracts associated with various hardware devices managed by NetBox.

The "Contract" object is intended to hold important information about each contract, including:

  • Supplier details

  • Contract length

  • Validity or expiration dates

The plugin will allow users to associate multiple devices to a single "Contract" object. From a device's detail view, users will be able to see which contract(s) the device is associated with.

Use case

Imagine you're managing a large network infrastructure, where each device is under a support or service contract with a supplier. Each contract has different terms and durations. It would be difficult to keep track of each contract's details and which devices they cover, especially as the infrastructure grows.

With the NetBox Contracts plugin, you can create a "Contract" object for each contract in your organization. For each contract, you fill in the supplier details, contract length, and validity dates. Then, you associate devices with the corresponding contracts.

When you need to check a device's contract information, you can simply navigate to the device's detail page in NetBox and find the contract(s) it's associated with. This simplifies the process of tracking and managing your devices' contracts.

In the event of a device failure, for example, this plugin could help you quickly determine if the device is still under contract, when the contract ends, and which supplier to contact for service. The plugin can be a helpful tool in managing large network infrastructures and ensuring the efficient handling of device-related issues.

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  • Victoria Laux
    Dec 2, 2023

    Additionally a field for a support number/token and one field for the sales description

  • Patrick Denessen
    Jun 30, 2023

    I would like to add a link to the support pages of manufacturers like HPE, CIsco, Dell etc. They have the servers documented as well the support status of them. There are some plugins with an API to these info, like tyhis one: