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Status Discussion
Created by Schylar Utley
Created on Jul 8, 2023

PON Modeling / Wavelength aware cabling

I am the author of a the GPON plugin for Netbox but I have let the project slowly die as I have moved on to a new position. I have been approached by several ISPs to revitalize the PON project and even sell the plugin. I am unfortunately too busy currently to revitalize.

  1. Plugin should understand the parent/relationship model of an ONT to (N) splitters to OLT port.

  2. Plugin should understand wavelengths so XGSPON and GPON can be modeled correctly

Use case

There is over $100B in broadband funding from the US federal government. Everyone is getting in on the action and I've got several ISPs to move over to netbox. The use case is that there is still a gap between GIS and Netbox where this plugin would cover.

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  • Guest
    Jul 10, 2023

    Being able to handle wavelengths/frequencies better in general would be huge. Anywhere from bi-di optics, to HFC (hybrid fiber-coax) and PON networks, to just xWDM in general are currently cumbersome to try to model in NetBox. Devices like splitters, combiners, filters, and OADMs don't really have a good representation today that still allows for cleanly tracing a signal path. It would also be useful to be able to track wavelengths like we can VLANs today, especially in the xWDM space.