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NetBox Plugin Ideas

Propose and vote for your most-wanted NetBox plugins!



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Provide a drag-and-drop UI for rack elevations

This plugin would offer a UI view showing the front or rear elevation of a rack (or potentially multiple racks) and enable the user to rearrange mounted devices by dragging and dropping them into the desired positions. Device locations would be up...
Jeremy Stretch 11 months ago in Visualization 5 Open Bounty

Visual representation of patch panels

This plugin would add a new button for patch panels that would show them in a graphical format. Each cell would be clickable and when clicking, you would receive the cable trace.
Schylar Utley 11 months ago in Visualization 6 Discussion

Cable route planner

The ability to select a souce rack and a destination rack and have NetBox identify possible routes from nearby front ports, through connected rear ports from the source (or nearby) to the destination (or nearby).
Guest 7 months ago in Visualization 0 Discussion

Diagram capabilities

The ability to lay devices out on a canvas UI to define views that visualise certain subsets of the architecture. One of my goals in gathering all my network-related data into a structured storage system is to be able to use it as an SSOT for auto...
Guest 10 months ago in Visualization 1 Discussion