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Provide a drag-and-drop UI for rack elevations

This plugin would offer a UI view showing the front or rear elevation of a rack (or potentially multiple racks) and enable the user to rearrange mounted devices by dragging and dropping them into the desired positions. Device locations would be up...
Jeremy Stretch 11 months ago in Visualization 5 Open Bounty

Public IPv4 space value tracker

This plugin would integrate with the API of a public IP space broker (TBD) to display the estimated market value of each public IPv4 prefix recorded in NetBox. A single view listing the dollar value for each prefix is probably sufficient. Values c...
Jeremy Stretch 11 months ago in Data Model Extensions 0 Discussion

Report on diff between rendered & actual device configuration

NetBox v3.5 introduced native configuration template rendering for devices. This plugin would be an extension of that functionality, automatically comparing the rendered configuration for a device to its actual configuration, retrieved from the de...
Jeremy Stretch 11 months ago in Monitoring 2 Discussion