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Diagram capabilities

The ability to lay devices out on a canvas UI to define views that visualise certain subsets of the architecture. One of my goals in gathering all my network-related data into a structured storage system is to be able to use it as an SSOT for auto...
Guest 10 months ago in Visualization 1 Discussion

Application a collection of services

Provide a Application Model which would consist of one or more services/applications.
Jose A 10 months ago in Data Model Extensions 0 Discussion

ServiceProvider, IP reporting to RIPE and other authorities

Plugin that will reconcile and keep RIPE updated for your assigned IP spaces.
Guest 11 months ago in Monitoring 1 Discussion

IP space discovery and reconciliation

Discovery, reconciliation and validation of the network / subnets, to find all the unknown and forgotten devices on your network.
Guest 11 months ago in Device Onboarding 0 Discussion

Access List (ACL) model, compatible with existing network implementations

Plugin must operate with adequate abstractions like network groups, and not only existing IPs/prefixes, but with other masking types existing in software. It must represent real scenarios for most type of ACLs in different parts of infrastructure....
Stavr Ognev 11 months ago in Data Model Extensions 3 Discussion

Visual representation of patch panels

This plugin would add a new button for patch panels that would show them in a graphical format. Each cell would be clickable and when clicking, you would receive the cable trace.
Schylar Utley 11 months ago in Visualization 6 Discussion

Add "software" and "software_type" objects because "services" is not enough

In the current "services" implementation it is very limiting to add "software" I propose the creation of a software type and software object to add specific automation parameters for installation/deployment purposes
Stefan Coussens 11 months ago in Data Model Extensions 5 Discussion

Tracking cost for inventory tracked by netbox

Dedicated plugin to track all the site NRC cost, per-rack NRC/MRC cost, per device NRC cost as well as per circuit NRC/MRC cost. This will be helpful to track the ground truth of cost related information, which could later be referenced by other c...
Guest 11 months ago in Data Model Extensions 5 Discussion

Bulk creation of cables

Create multiple cables of the same type that all go from Device A to Device B. Selecting which ports/interfaces to use is done through a visual interface. Considerations: All cables created in the same operation will be of the same type (inclu...
Daniel Chiniquy 11 months ago in Device Onboarding 2 Discussion

RPKI ROA / ASN + Prefix tracking

Track RPKI ROA objects, which will also tie Aggregates/Prefixes to ASNs
Guest 11 months ago in Data Model Extensions 1 Discussion