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Cable route planner

The ability to select a souce rack and a destination rack and have NetBox identify possible routes from nearby front ports, through connected rear ports from the source (or nearby) to the destination (or nearby).
Guest 7 months ago in Visualization 0 Discussion

x509 Certificate Inventory Management

A way to model x509 Certificates such as client certificates used in mTLS, server, intermediate (chain), and root certificates. Details about the certificates could include but not limited to items under the structure of x509 digital certificates ...
Guest 7 months ago in Data Model Extensions 2 Discussion

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of routers, switch pdus and virtual machines, providing information on the status of the interface, services (bandwidth, type, etc.)
Guest 7 months ago in Monitoring 4 Discussion

OSP (Outside Plant) Management

The OSP plugin for Netbox helps network operators and data centers have a single source of truth for all their outside plant assets, including outdoor cables, fiber splice boxes, CWDM/DWDM MUXs and OADMs), and the ODFs that terminate those outdoor...
Guest 7 months ago in Data Model Extensions 2 Discussion

Split/Merge IP Subnets

Create the ability to split or merge IP subnets in the IPAM for easier management and assignment of prefixes. Most other IPAMs support this functionality.
Guest 8 months ago in Data Model Extensions 0 Discussion

PON Modeling / Wavelength aware cabling

I am the author of a the GPON plugin for Netbox but I have let the project slowly die as I have moved on to a new position. I have been approached by several ISPs to revitalize the PON project and even sell the plugin. I am unfortunately too busy ...
Schylar Utley 9 months ago in Data Model Extensions 1 Discussion

Real-Time Data Monitoring for PDU, UPS, and CRACs

This plugin enables real-time monitoring and retrieval of data from Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), and Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units within a data center environment. By utilizing industry-stan...
Carl Angelo Nievarez 10 months ago in Monitoring 1 Discussion

Support Contract plugin

The plugin i want to see developed for NetBox is to manage "Contract" objects. These objects are meant to represent contracts associated with various hardware devices managed by NetBox. The "Contract" object is intended to hold important informati...
Daniel 10 months ago in Data Model Extensions 2 Discussion

Request for Enhanced Software Upgrade Functionality in NetBox

Currently, the platform component in NetBox lacks practical capabilities for managing software upgrades, and I believe implementing a feature similar to Nautobot's Device Lifecycle would be great. A user-friendly interface for initiating and track...
Guest 10 months ago in Live Device Management 1 Discussion

Cloud Networks

a way to model cloud networks, like the way Netbox added the ability to model virtual machines along with traditional Devices.
Matt Heltsley 10 months ago in Data Model Extensions 1 Discussion